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Professional Indexing Services from Jones Literary Services

Access to information is what an index is all about, but an index isn’t just a list of terms and page numbers. Effective indexes gather related information into coherent and informative entries and then structure that content so users can access key information quickly and intuitively.

A computer search will give a reader a list of matching terms, but “Search” won’t help them sort in-depth discussions from passing mentions. A computer-generated list of terms also won’t be broken down by sub-topic, will lack essential context, and may be missing important elements such as abstract concepts. If the information occurs under a synonym, the reader might not find it at all.

How the Indexing Process Works

Identifying the needs and expectations of each client is essential, so indexing begins with an initial consultation, via phone or email, to gather information about the project and to answer questions.

Andrea works from proof pages once the book’s layout has been finalized. She conducts a careful reading of the text to identify indexable terms, which typically include names, important concepts, and keywords relevant to the book’s topic. Entries with numerous page references are broken down into sub-entries that efficiently direct readers to the specific information they’re looking for. Andrea anticipates alternate terms and, if necessary, directs readers to the terms preferred by the author using cross-references. The index text is configured to fit the style and length specifications of the publisher, and all indexes are carefully edited for completeness and accuracy. Andrea provides regular updates during the indexing process and can help troubleshoot issues that may arise.


Deadlines are determined during the initial consultation. Most trade books can be indexed in about two weeks. Rush projects can be accommodated, but may be priced at a higher rate. Indexes are typically delivered electronically using the file type of your choice.


Rates for indexing projects vary according to how complex the material is, the space available for the index, and your deadline. Rates start at $3.00 per page for basic trade nonfiction. Changes made to the book’s text after indexing begins (including re-pagination) may result in additional charges. Revisions to the final approved index will be billed at an hourly rate. Payment is due upon receipt of work.


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